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Next Hearing on SB277
Tues. April 28th Senate Judiciary 1:30 P.M. in Room 112.

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SB 277, California Mandatory Vaccination Bill, in Spite of Ground Swelling Opposition, Moves on to the Judicial Committee by Orlean Koehle, State President Eagle Forum of California - (Click on image to launch video)
SB 277, authored by Senator Richard Pan, a pediatrician, was written (so he states) in response to the many unvaccinated children who came down with measles and whooping cough last fall after being exposed at Disney Land. The bill would make vaccinations mandatory for any child in public schools in California, with no religious exemptions, only an exemption allowed for medical reasons. Rumor has it that there is much funding and lobbying for this bill coming from big pharma, which, of course, would be making much money if their vaccines were made mandatory in California.

The first hearing on SB 277 was held on April 8 before the Senate Health Committee, with an explosion of unexpected opposition by more than two thousand people who held a rally against it in front of the Capital building in Sacramento. Many had traveled eight hours across the state to express their opposition, some even bringing their children. Parents expressed their fears that vaccinations are actually harmful for their children. Many stated that we are not being told the truth about the harmful contents of the vaccines and their side effects. Some believe the huge rise in autism (now close to 1 in 50 for boys) is a result of these vaccinations. Parents also stated that making vaccinations mandatory is an infringement on their parental rights and religious freedoms. Many stated they would pull their children out of public schools and home school if this bill is passed.
The Sergeant of Arms said it was the biggest crowd he had seen gathered to oppose a bill in the past 15 years. There were 4 overflow rooms filled with people wanting to testify, with 490 people actually speaking against the bill. Thousands of people had also called in or sent faxes to oppose the bill. In spite of all that, typical of California legislators who seem to care less as to what the majority of the people want, the Senate Health Committee passed the bill with a vote of 6 to 2.

In an opposition letter sent by Orlean Koehle, State President Eagle Forum of California, and Louise Gliatto, Legislative Advisor for Eagle Forum and Director for the Issue of Vaccinations, they stated, “Parents should not be forced to have their children injected against their judgment, in exchange for an education that they have paid for with their own tax dollars. This bill will take away parental rights to make medical decision for our children; it will trample on the first amendment rights of many religious groups. This is not about whether you agree with the safety or efficacy of vaccination but about our rights as parents and about control by the government who think they know what is best for our children.”

On April 15, SB 277 moved on to the next committee – Education. Again, parents and other concerned citizens, many of them medical doctors and nurses themselves, held a second protest rally, and again over 400 people, including children, spoke at the hearing to express their opposition to the bill. This time the committee listened. Especially after the question was asked, “Don't all kids -- whether they are vaccinated or not -- have a right to a public education?” The bill was pulled when the chairman of the committee suggested to Senator Pan that he did not have enough votes to pass it.
However, the vote took place one week later after a few amendments were added by Senator Pan to supposedly make it less restricting on home schooled children. In spite of a room full of opposition and people wanting to express their opinions again, the education committee did not allow for any more discussion. The vote was taken and the bill was passed 7 to 2 to move onto the next committee, which is judiciary. The hearing will be next Tuesday, April 28.

As one can imagine, the thousands of parents, grandparents, even doctors and nurses, who spoke out against SB 227, are greatly disappointed. Such a ground swell of opposition and the Education Committee essentially ignored them and passed it anyway – as the health committee had the week before. One can understand why the legislature of California is named “dysfunctional.” The rally against SB 277 can be seen here: .


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