Californians United Against Common Core
by Olrlean Koehle

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  This is a great report that defeats the big mantra about Common Core - that it is supposed to better prepare our children for college and career. It is doing neither.



June 23, 2015 Breaking Common Core News from North Dakota: Lawsuit by the Thomas More Law Center Challenges the Constitutionality of Common Core in North Dakota


¿Están Listos los Estudiantes Latinos para los Estánderes Básicos?

NAACP Comes out Against Common Core Assessment in Washington State

Blacks in Washington are strongly opposed to the Assessment Test and are urging all parents to opt their children out of the test



Opt Out



Opt Out

This is an excellent video of Michael Chapman speaking about UN Agenda 21 and UNESCO's "standard-based movement" and the preparation of our children to become "citizens of the world," which is all now called Common Core. This talk was given several years ago - but the same language and goals are in place today.   Orlean Koehle



Common Core OPT OUT FORM  Main agenda: to re-organize governance of schools  for different states  Español CA 

We The People Radio " Common Core Assessments" (Seatbelts Required)

We The People Radio " Common Core & Technocracy" (Gravity Simulators Required)

Common Core: Social/Emotional Impact on Kids, Joe Stapp, MA LPC NCC , Licensed Psychotherapist from RedKudzu on Vimeo.




"A California School District Itself Issues Opt Out Forms from Assessment Testing!"

Do you think maybe the school district is trying to encourage parents to opt their children out?  Could it be that they don't like the assessment test any more than parents and teachers do?

  Anti-Common Core Month of November in California  
  Sixteen Successful Events Held but with Little Media Coverage  
  Orlean Koehle, State President Eagle Forum of California  

Across the State of California sixteen successful events took place in November in both Northern and Southern California, attended by audiences who numbered from 65 to over 300, well over two thousand in total, but with little media coverage. Most of these events were entitled “Unveiling Common Core” and featured expert witnesses Dr. Sandra Stotsky and Dr. James Milgram, who were part of the Common Core validation committee and refused to sign off on the standards.  Dr. Stotsky, a former English professor Emerita of the University of Arkansas, had helped to create the highest standards in our nation for the State of Massachusetts.  Dr. Milgram, a math professor emeritus of Stanford, had helped create high math standards in California.  Both Stotsky and Milgram recognized Common Core as inferior standards.  Not only did they refuse to sign off on the standards, they have been speaking out against them ever since across the nation.   

The events featuring Stotsky and Milgram in Southern California were under the coordination of Darcy Brandon of San Diego, who serves on the State Board of Eagle Forum of California and as co-director of Californians United against Common Core (  She was assisted by various leaders and groups who hosted the events: San Juan Capistrano - hosted by California Action for Public Education; several events in Orange County were hosted by Faithful Christian Servants of Orange County with Suzi Kahn as leader and Orange County Concerned Citizens of Common Core with Gloria Pruyne as leader.  Gloria also serves on the Eagle Forum State Board.  The event in Palos Verde was sponsored by Restore Palos Verde Education with Joan Davidson as leader.  The events in Glendale and Murietta were hosted by Los Angeles Against CC, and Responsible Education Murietta.

In Southern California, Stotsky and Milgram were joined by Ze’ev Wurman, who served on the California Academic Content Standards Commission in 2010, that evaluated the suitability of Common Core for California.  He is the co-author with Sandra Stostky of the booklet, “Common Core Standards Still Don’t Make the Grade,” Pioneer Institute, 2010.   For the first event, in San Juan Capistrano, the experts were joined by another critic of Common Core - Bill Evers, of the Hoover Institute, who served as an Assistant Secretary of Education under President Bush and on the California State Commission for the Establishment of Academic Content and Performance Standards 1996-98.  The last event, held in Huntington Beach, featured Dr. Karen Effram, pediatrician.  She spoke about the harmful effect on children of inappropriate and psychological programs, which she believes Common Core is.

In Northern California, the coordinators were Pat Bicknell and her sister Peggy Nichol.  Bicknell is the leader for Citizens of Stanislaus County against Common Core; Nichol heads up Citizens of Sonoma County against Common Core.  They hosted their events in Modesto and Sonoma.  Other leaders and events were:  Merced County Concerned Citizens with Barbara-Riis Christensen; Contra Costa County against Common Core with Denis Pursche; and Citizens of El Dorado Hills Against Common Core under the direction of Melissa Wilson.  The Northern California events also included Attorney Kevin Snider from the Pacific Justice Institute, the creators of the Opt Out form to opt children out of the Assessment Test and any questionnaires and surveys that collect Common Core data on the children. In El Dorado Hills, Lydia Gutierrez was added.  She is a 2nd grade teacher and strong opponent of Common Core.

Major Media Bias:  The above events have been written about in several articles by the conservative Breitbart News, (the most recent, November 27 ) and a few local newspapers, but no mention by any major news source.  Even though NBC cameras were just across the street, November 13, in San Diego when a protest rally against Common Core and against Secretary of Education Arne Duncan was taking place, NBC refused to make any mention of the protest.  NBC was filming Arne Duncan  speaking at an annual meeting of the Council of Chief State School Officers, who along with the National Governors Association, holds the Copyright and were co-developers of the controversial Common Core standards. 

Protest Rallies, State Board of Education Meetings, Tea Party Meeting, and Liberty Tour Conference:  There were also other important events in Northern California where speakers were speaking against Common Core.  They also received no or little media coverage.

Rally Against Common Core and the new AP US History Standards:  Along with the rally against Arne Duncan, on the same day in Northern California, November 13, a rally was held in front of the Board of Education building, where a two-day meeting of the State Board of Education was being held. 

The Rally in Sacramento Against Common Core and the New AP US History (APUSH) Standards:  The rally was held from 7:30-8:30 a.m., before the State Board meeting began.  It was under the direction of Orlean Koehle, State President of Eagle Forum of California, and Founder and Director of Californians United against Common Core.  Assisting her was Eileen Berber from Santa Rosa, who had brought a large anti-Common Core banner that read “Opt Out of Common Core Assessments.”  Berber is on the task force fighting Common Core in Sonoma County, a member of the Eagle Forum board and also an officer in the North Bay Tea Party Patriots.  Also assisting was Lydia Gutierrez, who along with being a 2nd grade teacher in the LA School District, was a former candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction, who ran on an anti-Common Core platform and received almost a million votes.  She had much to say on many of the agenda items inside the meeting.  Katherine Duran from Elk Grove and her son 12-year old son Christopher also joined us. Katherine is co-founder of Elk Grove Citizens against Common Core and serves on the State Eagle Forum Board as assistant editor of the newsletter. 

About ten others, who had traveled far – some from Redding, Central Valley, and even from Southern California, attended the rally and spoke out against Common Core several times when it would fit in with what was mentioned on the agenda.  One of those was Tracee Mann, a great researcher and leader against Common Core in Redding, who brought four friends with her: Gary Hollahan, Edna Banghart, a former teacher, Linda Johnson and Bob Reitenbach.  Connie Brooks, a newly elected school board member for the Kings Canyon Unified School District, ran on an anti-Common Core platform.  She is also a coordinator for the Central Valley Tea Party. With her was her friend Pat Hilleors.  Irma Gutierrez and her daughter Samantha were all the way from Los Angeles.  They had come to check out colleges for Sam and decided to check out our rally and the school board meeting first.

A young teenager, Illiana Bustamone, a junior at Center High School in Antelope, and her friend, Matt Lopes, a student at American River College, also joined the group of protestors and both spoke against Common Core.  Illiana told how terrible the math was.  Just when she was finally understanding algebra and getting As, Common Core was brought in under the title of “Integrated Math.”  Everyone in the class are confused and now hate math.  She also complained that no one was told that this was going to happen, neither parents or students.  “We had no say about it.”  She said, “There are so many other students behind me who wanted to come today and express their opinion, but were afraid...  I want to speak for them.  I don’t want to struggle any more… I say no more Common Core.”

Resolution Against APUSH:   Koehle, in her speaking before the State School board pointed out the fact that they would not put the new anti-American AP US History standards on the agenda, nor would they sign the resolution against them, though they had been asked to do so by many phone calls and thousands of resolutions being sent to them.  This has mainly been under the leadership of Dominica Kristedja, of Orange County, who has been leading the charge against APUSH for California.  Under her advisement, Orlean Koehle had created a resolution against APUSH, urging our governor and state superintendent and state school board to sign on to it. The resolution was part of the packet for the 1500 delegates attending the State Republican Convention in Los Angeles, September 16-18.  Hopefully many of them were signed and sent to the superintendent’s office.  After Koehle spoke, she turned into the state board another packet of signed resolutions. Koehle and others who spoke expressed their opposition to the new AP standards because of the revised American history and anti-American slant that leaves out so many of our founding fathers and the great truths that they taught and believed in. 

Again, there was no media coverage of the rally and little attention paid to the anti-common core statements inside the meeting.  Fortunately, however, the entire two-day meeting can be seen on the government website.

“Common Core on Trial”:  One of the main highlights of the month’s events was a panel forum held at the Orange County Office of Education Building in Costa Mesa, November 17, sponsored by the county school board themselves,  essentially putting “Common Core on Trial.”  This was a result of concerned citizens speaking out against Common Core in front of the county school board every month for over a year.  These citizens were coming from several groups: Long Beach Eagle Forum, under the direction of Jeanne Goodin; Orange County Concerned Citizens Common Core under Gloria Pruyne, and Faithful Christian Servants, under the direction of Suzi Kahn.    

The school board finally passed a resolution that they would have two forums with panel members for and against Common Core.  The first forum took place in October also attended by a standing room only audience.  The anti-Common Core panel of experts then consisted of: Hugh Hewitt, national radio host and a Constitutional attorney from Los Angeles; Robin Eubanks of Georgia, also a lawyer and concerned mother;  Lydia Gutierrez, a 2nd grade teacher in the Los Angeles Schools;  and Dr. Gary Thompson, a child psychologist from Utah.  There was no question that they won the debate.  The pro-Common Core panel members were not very well informed and not able to answer many questions.  It was described as one team being armed with cannon balls and the other armed with water guns. 

The November forum was similar, attended by over 300 people, many forced to stand outside the building, but still able to listen to the proceedings.  The expert panel members this time consisted of: Dr. Stosky, Dr. Milgram, Dr. Ze’ev Wurman, and pediatrician Dr. Karen Effram, an expert in the harmful effect of Common Core on young children. 

Again, those speaking in favor of Common Core did not do very well against this panel of experts.  One of those, Debra Brown, a paid lobbyist for “Children Now,” finally admitted after continued questions from school board members that “Yes, her organization does receive funding from the Bill Gates Foundation,” one of the biggest corporations funding Common Core, having given almost $2.5 billion to various groups across the nation, essentially buying their support for it.   Brown refused to state how much money she received, however, saying that was “an inappropriate question.”

The Result of this Forum?  The vast majority of the audience agreed that the anti-common core panel won the debate and more of the Orange County School Board Trustees, themselves, are becoming convinced of the harmful effects of Common Core and of the many untruths presented by its proponents.  At the school board meeting next month in December, the board will be voting as to what their decision will be. Will they decide to no longer support it in their county?  There are even rumors of a possible law suit.  Attorney Brad Dacus, President of the Pacific Justice Institute, one of the anti-Common Core panel members of the October Forum, has offered to represent the board in a law suit free of charge, if that is their decision.  If a decision is made by one of the largest counties in the State, what repercussions would this have on other districts?  Orange County consists of 4 community colleges districts; 12 unified  districts; 3 unified high school districts; and 13 elementary school districts.

Yuba City Events:  November 13, the Yuba-Sutter Tea Party, with leader Bob Bagley, held their monthly meeting with Orlean Koehle as their speaker.  Koehle, a former English, Journalism teacher, is often introduced as the “pioneer” in starting the movement against Common Core in California.   She began speaking out against it back when most people in the state had never heard of it - in the fall of 2012 when her first book was published, Common Core, A Trojan Horse for Education Reform.  Over the past two years, she has since given over 100 presentations.  

November 14-15 was a two-day “Liberty Tour” conference, sponsored by Paul Preston and his “Agenda 21 Radio” program.   Lydia Gutierrez and Orlean Koehle were the speakers about Common Core Saturday morning.  They also reported on their recent experiences in Sacramento with the rally against Common Core in front of the Education Building and speaking against it inside for the two-day meeting.

The major news media go on pretending that there is no real opposition to Common Core in California. However, as this article has revealed, that is not the truth.  There is a huge groundswell rising in California, with many dedicated concerned parents and educators speaking out against it as in other states across the nation. 

Orlean Koehle is the State President of Eagle Forum of California and Founder and Director of Californians United Against Common Core (  She is also the author of Common Core, the Trojan Horse of Education Reform and the Hidden C’s of Common Core.


  Did you Know that it was really the Muslims who discovered America?  

  According to one artist, the three ships to first arrive in America (instead of the Christian ships sailed by Columbus - the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria") were "the Mina, the Mecca and the Swastika Muhammad."

Wealthy Muslims are investing much money in American textbooks and giving large grants to schools and universities to essentially "rewrite world and American history" to give Muslims much more dominance and a more positive slant. This website and accompanying news clip reveals the following:

According to a recently conducted study of US Textbooks and curriculum, America’s K-12 students are being taught that the Muslims discovered America, that Christianity was discovered by a Palestinian boy named Jesus..’ and ‘..Israel did not exist as a nation in history..’ This is all part of a ‘Title 6′ Program that allows Middle Eastern Islamic scholars to write the lesson plans for American students. Students are also asked to make a prayer rug, to memorize and recite prayers from the Quran, to memorize the Five Pillars of Islam, to dress in Muslim atire and to take a Muslim name.

  Common Core is like Flying a Plane Still Under Construction  


  Principal Carol Burris of New York Reveals the Truth of the Arbitrary Common Core Test  Results for Both New York and Kentucky.  Please opt your child out of the testing.  Go to for a copy of the opt out form and instructions.   
  SHOCK: Obama Forming "Hitler Youth" Under Common Core  

  Common Core and NAZI Germany:  This slide is from the power point presentation given by Orlean Koehle about her book, Common Core, A Trojan Horse for Education Reform.  Her husband was born in Germany in 1942 when Hitler was still in power.  He experienced such a system.  Orlean has several pages devoted to the similarities of Common Core and the education in Nazi Germany.  (pp. 23-26)   
  What Teaching Used to be Like Before High Stakes Testing  
  Orlean Koehle, President of Eagle Forum of California  
  As a former teacher who used to enhance my lessons in history and English with all sorts of extra material, even writing little skits and bringing in costumes so the students could experience what the historical moment was really like, I can relate to the following article written by a truly dedicated history teacher. He lets us know what has happened to the whole profession of teaching because of having to teach to the tests each and every day, now made even worse by Common Core. This was published in the Washington Post, in April, 2013.  
  Click to read article: Teacher: How my job went from great to infuriating  
  New AP American History Distorts History and Attacks America  
  Stanley Kurtz and National Review  
  Americans are only just waking up to a quiet but devastatingly effective effort to replace the teaching of traditional American history in our high schools with a new, centrally controlled, and sharply left-leaning curriculum. The College Board, the company that issues the SAT and the various Advanced Placement (AP) exams, has created an elaborate new framework for the AP U.S. History Exam that will effectively force nearly all American high schools, public and private, to transform the way they teach U.S. History.

The traditional emphasis on America's founders and the principles of constitutional, government will soon be jettisoned in favor of a left leaning emphasis on race, gender, class, ethnicity, etc. There are serious questions about the legality of the new AP U.S. History Exam, insofar as it may conflict with existing history standards in a number of states.

The new AP U.S. History Exam has been issued under the authority of David Coleman, president of the College Board and, not coincidentally, architect of the Common Core. We are witnessing a coordinated, two pronged effort to effectively federalize all of American K-12 education, while shifting its content sharply to the left. A complete sample exam has been released, although only to certified AP U.S. History teachers. Those teachers have been warned, under penalty of law and the stripping of their AP teaching privileges, not to_ disclose the content of the new sample AP U.S. History Exam to anyone. This is clearly an effort to silence pubic debate over these heavily pohticized and illegitimately nationalized standards. The College Board has kept the test secret and threatened officially certified AP U.S. History teachers with severe  penalties for revealing the test.

The College Board claims that its highly directive new framework for AP U.S. History is actually adaptable to the preferences of particular states, school districts, and teachers. This is deeply misleading. It is true that the new history framework allows teachers to include examples of their choice. Yet the framework also insists that the examples must be used to illustrate the themes and concepts behind the official College Board vision. The upshot is that- James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, and the other founders are largely left out of the new test, unless they are presented as examples of conflict and identity by class, gender, race, ethnicity, etc. The Constitution can be studied as an example of the Colonists' belief in the superiority of their own culture, for instance.

Any teacher who presents a full unit on the principles of the American Constitution taught in the traditional way would be severely disadvantaging his students. So while allowing some minor flexibility on details, the new AP U.S. History framework effectively forces teachers to train their students in a leftist, blame-America-first reading of history, while omitting traditional
treatments of our founding principles. The public should insist that the College Board release its heretofore secret sample AP U.S. History test for pubic scrutiny and debate. There is no excuse for withholding this test from the public.

Just as the Common Core became an established fact before most American parents, lawmakers, and school districts even knew it existed, the new AP U.S. History Exam is about to entrench a controversial and highly pohticized national school curriculum without proper notice or debate. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and a full understanding of our founding principles are on the way out. Race, gender, class, and ethnicity are coming in, all in secrecy and in clear violation of the Constitution's guarantee that' education remain in' control of the states. The time to oppose the new AP U.S. History Exam is now.


Anthony Cody at the Educating Gates Rally, Seattle from Schoolhouse Live on Vimeo.

  House passes Bill for Mandatory Newborn DNA Collection to be Used in Common Core Databases

Sadly, on June 24th, the US House passed HR 1281, a bill that nationalizes newborn genetic screening without consent on a voice vote without a roll call or amendments. There are many problems with the bill from a health care freedom and privacy standpoint that include as described by great expert on and champion of medical freedom and privacy, Twila Brase of Citizens Council for Health Freedom in her alert:

1) No Consent Requirement.
2) Long-Term Surveillance.
3) Nationalized Newborn Screening.
4) Intrusive Labeling, Profiling and Sharing.
5) Genetic Research on Newborns.
6) Genetic Testing of Newborns for Conditions Not Yet Determined Appropriate for Newborn Screening.
7) $99.5 Million Price Tag.



The reason that Education Liberty Watch and our project organization, The Florida Stop Common Core Coalition are so concerned is because there is already at least one state program in place that is linking this newborn genetic data to early childhood and K-12 databases being implemented through the Race to the Top and Race to the Top Early Learning Challenge and linked to the Common Core standards and related tests. Rhode Island said the following in their Early Learning Challenge grant application:

“Rhode Island’s proposed early learning data system will be linked to both the state’s K-12 data system and to the state’s universal newborn screening and health data system, helping to identify children with high needs, track participation in programs, and track children’s development and learning.”


Youtube address:
An excellent movie has just been produced by the Home School Legal Defense Fund. It is called “Building the Machine” and tells both sides of the argument about Common Core, but also clearly reveals who is telling the truth and who is being paid millions by Gates to support a lie.

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  Farmers among Common Core De-Tractors  A message from Bonnie O'Neil  

People aren't just having a cow over Common Core -- they're selling them off in protest! In Alabama, one rancher felt so strongly about the President's education takeover that he offered to donate cattle to fund an anti-Common Core townhall. And he isn't the only one with hard (herd?) feelings. People from across the political and academic spectrum are resisting the White House's attempt to corral the states into a one-size-fits-all education scheme.

In states where the benchmarks have already been adopted, the idea is so radioactive that leaders are trying to change the program's name to boost its image: Arizona's "College and Career Ready Standards," Idaho Core, Iowa Core, and my personal favorite -- "Next General Sunshine State Standards." In the Grand Canyon State, there couldn't be a bigger chasm between parents and the policy. Like other Republican Governors, Jan Brewer is trying to repackage the idea -- even going so far as to sign an executive order scrubbing "Common Core" from the math and reading criteria. But, to borrow a line from William Shakespeare, a Common Core by any other name would smell as fishy.

Unfortunately for the President, who has had his share of credibility problems, those two little words are having a big impact on the Democrats' base. Usually reliable allies, like U.S. teachers unions, are pulling their support by the tens of thousands of members. Earlier this week, the National Education Association (NEA), the country's largest teachers union, sent shudders through the Left by withdrawing its endorsement. NEA President Dennis Van Roekel, who represents more than three million members, didn't pull any punches, blaming the government for botching yet another rollout. Based on its internal polling, 70% of NEA teachers object to how Common Core is being introduced to schools (which isn't surprising given that two-thirds of teachers were never asked for their input in the first place).

"The very people expected to deliver universal access to high quality standards with high quality instruction have not had the opportunity to share their expertise and advice," Van Roekel explained. "Consequently, NEA members have a right to feel frustrated, upset, and angry about the poor commitment to implementing the standards correctly." First, Common Core took parents out of the equation -- now teachers. That leaves Big Government bureaucrats whose ultimate goal is more than implementing a national standard, but a radical political agenda that kills innovation, parents' rights, and state sovereignty.

Apart from being untested and unproven, opponents see the standards as another way for the government to inject liberal messages into American textbooks. (And based on Massachusetts Education Secretary Paul Reville's recent comments that "children belong to all of us," they're right to be concerned.) For now, the Obama administration will continue to pitch the standards to states, sweetening the deal with millions in leftover "Race to the Top" funds for any state officials who bite. But as the 45 states who have agreed will tell you, the program comes with more strings attached than Pinocchio -- making the five holdouts (Texas, Alaska, Virginia, Nebraska, and Minnesota) look wiser by the day.

Meanwhile, the President does have a few allies -- like Missouri's Rep. Mike Lair (contact him here), an Establishment Republican and former teacher who decided to mock conservatives for objecting Common Core by adding an $8 appropriations amendment to the state's budget for tin foil hats. (A joke his colleagues didn't find too funny, as this photo shows.) The official request, which Lair insists was only semi-serious, would fund "two rolls of high density aluminum to create headgear designed to deflect drone and /or black helicopter mind reading and control technology." But at $8, the idea wouldn't be nearly as wasteful as Common Core is proving to be!

  Orlean Koehle on Common Core  
  Click to launch video.


Orlean Koehle has been serving as the Eagle Forum State President since 2002. In 2006, when she and her husband, Dr. Kurt Koehle, discovered their rural property rights were under attack by the General Plan 2020 (part of Agenda 21), she started a group called Sonoma County Land Rights Coalition. The group began their battle to become better educated to try to stop the abuse of power of unelected officials on property rights in their county. Eagle Forum Conference Video Collection

Orlean is the author of many articles and several books, the latest being By Stealth and Deception, USA Transformation and Its Parallel to the European Union. She also recently completed a booklet entitled Just Say No to Big Brother’s Smart Meter. She has spoken about her books for conservative groups throughout Southern and Northern California and several other states. She and Kurt have six children—five boys and one daughter—and 5 grandchildren.




Video: Orlean Koehle; CLICK TO PLAY VIDEO




Video: David Barton; CLICK TO PLAY VIDEO

    Common Core  The purpose of this website is: To expose the deception, dangers, lower standards, and enormous costs behind the Common Core State Standards Initiative; to educate and motivate the public as to why Californians should be opposing Common Core, and why we should be exerting every effort to stop California from going forward with the CC curriculum, standards and Assessment tests.


The Common Core Logo - shows a map of the USA with the States that have signed onto Common Core (CC) colored gold. The five States that have not yet adopted CC are shown in a darker color. They are Texas, Alaska, Nebraska, Virginia and half of Minnesota. [Minnesota accepted just half of the standards, those of English and reading, but not the math.]

Why the dark color for the non-compliant States? Does that mean those States have not yet reached the state of ‘enlightenment’ of the other “brighter” States?

  “Why did the creators of the logo choose the symbol of an incomplete dizzy-looking circle that can’t quite get it together? After doing the months of research that I have done on Common Core, I think the logo is a good choice. It shows the effect this curriculum is going to have on the students of our nation. Their education is going to be dumbed down, “incomplete.” They are going to be left in a dizzy, confused state, and won’t be able to get it together well enough to have a bright future.”  

What is Common Core? “The Common Core State Standards Initiative” is the official name for the new education program coming down from the Obama administration, preparing the way for “Race to the Top Assessments,” which will take place in 2014 when all the computer software is in place to test the minds of the nation’s children to see how well Common Core (CC) has been sufficiently taught.

CC pretends to be a benign “State” program, State-written and controlled. It is touted as being “more rigorous” [whatever that means] and that it will “better prepare students for college and the workplace.”

However, CC is really a deceptive Trojan Horse, a national program, written by a national team, supported by President Obama and the Federal Department of Education, and it is imposing national, top-down standards and curriculum on all of the 46 States that have signed onto it.

  What is so Bad about Nationalized, Top-Down Education? Those in support of CC say that it will make education standardized across the nation, so that if a student moves from one state to another, he will not miss anything. All education will be the same at the same grade level. That doesn't sound so bad, does it?  
  Yes, it does sound bad if one looks at other countries that have nationalized education, and we see nationalized propaganda. When education is top-down, with the federal government having so much control and power over education, it is very easy to promote a certain agenda and indoctrination is so much easier.  
  Nationalization Disempowers the People: When there is a national education program in place, it is almost impossible to have any influence on changing policy or programs. Your local school board, state school board, state legislators, and the governor will be powerless to change it. As Lance Izumi, of the Pacific Research Institute states, “The further policy making is seated away from ordinary citizens, the less powerful and influential those citizens are.”  
  Jay Greene, professor at the University of Arkansas, testified before the U.S. House of Representatives Subcommittee on Early Childhood, Elementary, and Secondary Education, and left this warning about the dangers of a national education system:  
  If we discover a mistake or wish to try a new and possibly better approach, we can’t switch. We are stuck with whatever national choices we make for a very long time. And if we make a mistake, we will impose it on the entire country. Izumi adds, “The most affected will be parents and their children.”  
  REF: The information above is from Please sign the petition at .  

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