Mega cities and regional government - SCAG. Southern California Area Government
by Olrlean Koehle
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This is a very revealing video that was just sent to me to understand what is now going on building the "Megacities" concept.  This goes way beyond Agenda 21 and regional government.  It appears to be done by a group in New Hampshire but mainly shows what is already happening in SCAG, Southern California Area Government, shows pictures of one stack and pack housing development after another, shows meetings where those in charge of SCAG are speaking -unelected globalists now running regional governments, telling us of their future plans to run our lives.  It shows the pro-green indoctrination in our schools, even Christian schools, where children are being taught four aspects of the sustainable development agenda drawn on four different greed trees (as if this is part of the teachings of the Bible): ration food and water; recycle; use renewable energy; follow the rules of the Bible      

There are several other amazing videos that this group has put together listed as well.  

Regional government is what so many of us were fighting several years ago.  We were trying to stop ABAG, Association of Bay Area Governance, (or One Bay Area) from forming in the San Francisco area.  For two years we attended all sorts of these meetings in so many different counties and spoke out against them.  It did no good, other than educating ourselves and meeting lots of like-minded, nice people.  ABAG with nine counties combined is now a done deal.  I also write about regional government and Agenda 21 in two chapters of my book, California's Water Crisis, Do You Smell a Fish?

Please watch this video and pass it on.  It is very eye-opening as to what the future will be for our nation unless enough people wake up and can stop it.    

Understanding the Megacities Movement | Granite State Future(s)

 Understanding the Megacities Movement | Granite State Future(s)



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